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Sunday, February 04, 2007

LCT Down, Administrator Notified

I was just notified that LCT is down. As I've stated before, I have absolutely no access to the administrative end of the site, nor do I have any access to the webhost or domain name provider. I have called Cathy, the Administrator of the site, and left a message for her that the site is down. Hopefully, she will address this issue quickly. Please address all further questions to her at lctcathy@yahoo.com or cathy@lowcarbtransformation.com.

Thank you!
Tracey aka Mamasita

EDITED TO ADD: If you need to contact another person from the forum and/or exchange email addresses with one another to keep in touch, please feel free to do this through the comments section.

Monday, April 24, 2006

It Must be Lunarpages

Just as an additional note...

Lunarpages is my webhost for my writing site and my site is inaccessible at this time as well. It has to be the webhost's issue at this point.



As best I can tell....

Lunarpages is having issues. I've tried going to LunarPages and am getting the same error. This is a huge company and I'm sure they'll be up and running shortly - please be patient.

IN the meantime, enjoy your day :)


It Seems LCT is Down

It has been brought to my attention that LCT is down. I will contact Cathy immediately to let her know. To my knowledge everything is paid for and this may just be a webhosting glitch. Feel free to comment here to connect with others for the time being.

Your patience is appreciated! :D

Tracey aka Mamasita

EDITED TO ADD: It is 11:47am and I just spoke with Cathy. She says everything is fine on her end, and that she will call the webhost to see if they are having any server issues.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What an Idea!

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to have an additional presence on the web in order to more fully support members of the forum. This blog will serve as a separate "meeting place" in the event that the forum experiences technical problems in the future. We are aware that friendships have been forged over the last several years and it is distressing when we are cut off from one another unexpectedly. This blog, kept on a separate server, is just another attempt to keep lines of communication open and information flowing. Please take a moment to bookmark this blog so that you can find us at any time. In the event of a problem, we will post information here as soon as possible.


Cathy and Tracey